Monday, December 25, 2017

Some recent LOVE LETTERS to The News UNIT and my response to one of them...

The SNOWFLAKES are falling:

Nocs 7 hours ago
The jealousy and butthurt is strong with you. You claim he's scamming ppl because you checked his address. Hey bud. If you charge ppl for something they are going to pay. You make the case that because they move the LTC out of the wallets, it's a scam? What are they supposed to do with it? Leave in the same wallet for eternity? They're taking and splitting up the fees moron. Oh and I've made money on his calls. But I didn't buy in at the top because I'm not an ignorant noob. U bought when they said to buy. And took profits "when they said to". Um, that part us really important but your just another silver gold man. So eaten up with jealousy that your actually wasting your own time trolling jsnip. Oh and "Jay Rob" has a different accent and speech speed.
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Jsnip4 Ponzi Scam Trading Company and Trader Boss LITECOIN PUMP & DUMP

The News UNIT 1 second ago
Go fuck yourself and chase Shitcoins.  Merry Christmas to you too.
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Live low Andloveit 10 hours ago
The news unit time we'll tell. I already ordered my Tesla because trader jay said in 60 days I be able to buy one with 12 lite coin/ humor they really did say this. If it doesn't t come about I'am sure they have a long list of excuses. This stuff is too much fun at my age. Peace and the best of health the true wealth.
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