Sunday, December 31, 2017

Is Jsnip4's Guru "Trading Boss" J.W. Sterling, Jay Robb, or Jason Deal?

*****CRYPTO-WINNERS prepare to trade CRYPTO CURRENCY in 2018*****

Cryptos Class

Jsnip4 & The Trader Boss

(the men of many aliases)

Who are these guys?

Who really cares?

Just send them your LITECOIN

...and next ETHEREUM:

If you decide to follow these "TEACHERS" of crypto currencies that's your decision.  If they make you rich that's all that matters:

Jsnip4 teaches the "peeps" about LITECOIN and how to read Coin Market Cap DATA.  You can clearly see how the flow of money is coming out of BCH into LTC...

Pro-tips from Trader Jsnip4 as he explains how to read LITECOIN DATA to the "peeps"

NOTE:  I cannot join; I've been told that I am NOT ALLOWED TO PURCHASE the courses.  I'm just not cut out to be one of the "winners."  

So if you want to be with the "winners" then buy the Trader Boss course bundles at:

If you don't want to PAY the HIGHER INFLATED PRICES here is a site where you can get the courses for about 80% OFF Jsnip4's price gouged amounts:




  1. The Gio link has been proven to have malware... Thanks for linking it to all your subs so they can get robbed.. moron... Funny thing is.. he has never asked anyone to send him cryptos.. they just do it because they find value in his information... unlike people like you.. who think everything should be for free.. and no one should be allowed to make a profit by sharing information. moron....