Friday, December 29, 2017


*****DANGER SIGNS with BITCOIN and more*****

I'm convinced BITCOIN is GOING DOWN

How low?

$7,000 for starters and probably lower


There has been recently some negative market sentiment (along with last minute pump & dump scammers) that is too important to ignore.  The never rectified problems associated with BITCOIN and all the BITCOIN FORKS along with other crypto currencies are resulting in degraded utility and questionable practices with development teams across the entire Cryptosphere.  I think this market is about to roll over and crash violently with many rushing for the exits:

If you call this "FUD" and don't like the truth in the news then you buy and HODL all you want.  Also you can go to your SAFE SPACE.

ANOTHER POSSIBLE SCENARIO is that BITCOIN may be taken down to a level where the development teams and miners decide to FORK BITCOIN AWAY FROM THE CME/CBOE FUTURES as a protection against market manipulation.  The problem is that HOLDING BITCOIN now is becoming dangerous and is no longer a "GOLD AND HOLD BABY" viable trust as market conditions have drastically changed for the worse.

The only SAFE HAVEN is to be in CASH however many exchanges do not allow this as a usable alternative.  Many investors in BITCOIN and OTHER CRYPTO CURRENCIES are about to be DEAD ENDED by these adverse market conditions.  Nothing could be worse for the failing project.

IT'S OVER!  GLTA. GET OUT or STAY IN?  Your choice: