Thursday, December 21, 2017


Various FAKE NEWS sources

(It's hard to find the truth in the news)

The usual suspects continue to spread their misinformation, propaganda, financial advice merchandise, and more...

Who are these guys?  Very often they are the former TRUTHERS & PATRIOTS who have left sound money, the U.S. CONSTITUTION, gold, and silver; and now have embraced the New World Order and the coming man of sin the son of perdition.  These people are ripe to receive the mark of the beast or 666 too:

Jsnip4, Bix Weir, Silver, Gold Man, Brother John F, Max Keiser, Crypto Spark, Freedom Force USA, SGT REPORT, Andy Hoffman,...and more...

All of these men (and more that I have not mentioned) are suspicious suspects that have given themselves over to filthy lucre and no longer have in interest in the truth in the news:

Wow!  Look at Jsnip4!  He just got confirmation of something. He cannot tell you what it is until later.  Whatever it is don't believe it.  And remember to buy all these subscription services from these guys so they can continue to make merchandise of the "PEEPS."  

They are desperately trying to pump LITECOIN now since Jsnip4 and The Trader Boss are promising higher prices for LTC.  Bix Weir is doing his best to help his pals in the PUMP & DUMP....


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