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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Silver Gold Man vs. Jsnip4 Controversy Continues

Whether it's gold, silver, Bitcoin, all the Bitcoin forks, alt-coins, the entire Cryptosphere, golf carts, Bitpetite or Ethconnect, Laser Online, or whatever it is; this feud between Silver Gold Man and Jsnip4 and even The News UNIT continues.

Silver Gold Man recently said the News UNIT was a Freemason and he takes down the video.  What a lunatic!  The guy is completely off his mind and so are the rest of these blockchain blockheads!  I'm actually inclined now to be in the camp of Raw Dog and I agree with him to take down ALL CRYPTO CURRENCIES IN THE CRYPTOSPHERE.  In fact I think we should spray the entire Cryptosphere with Crypto-chemtrails and caused some adverse and extreme Crypto instability.  

Stay tuned:

Silver Gold Man reports below on THE TAMPA BAY TIMES.  They want testimonials who was scammed by Jsnip4?  Really?  Wow!

Jsnip4 might be involved in some place called Tampa Bay Games.  Maybe they aren't too happy with him.  Send him some more money so he can buy an extra golf cart.  Also join Silver Gold Man and sign up for one of his trading packages so he can give you a financial portfolio analysis.  They're all good people!  


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