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Thursday, November 23, 2017

Nicholas Live (X-P) from NO LIMIT COIN (NLC2): Taking over crypto?

Is Nicholas Live taking over crypto?

Nicholas Live VIDEO DESCRIPTION reads as follows:

Taking over crypto is simple. I believe in first impressions and being yourself. With live streams I share amazing growing project I personally believe in. Also, you have a chance to learn what took me over 100 days of no sleep and pure crypto (all day every day). What would you like from this channel: 30 second poll

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Nikola Randelovic made some real impressions with No Limit Coin NLC2:

So Nicholas believes in first impressions and being yourself.  He made a great impression with No Limit Coin NLC2.  He kicks people out of SLACK and even off the CRYPTO FANTASY SPORTS WEBSITE.  He cause some very large investors to take their money somewhere else.

Since when does Nicholas welcome feedback?  Really?

Nikola leads a group in the underground blockchain capital of the world in Prague, Czech Republic.  Maybe they really are planning to TAKE OVER CRYPTO?  BEWARE!

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