Thursday, November 30, 2017

IRS is still trying to figure out BITCOIN and CRYPTO CURRENCIES


The IRS is watching BITCOIN:

A very difficult task is underway right now to try and figure out how to TAX BITCOIN and other CRYPTO CURRENCIES.  Why not just make a FLAT CRYPTO TAX on PURCHASING CRYPTO?  

Hey wait a minute!  I thought this was DECENTRALIZED?  


1 comment:

  1. nothing on Gods green earth is decentralized - the concept of decentralization actually flies in the face of mans natural tendency to organize in a hierarchy - that's right - all humans instinctively seek structure and organization - only stupid ass millennial seem to love being disconnected from reality in their fucking smart phones - they have drunk the coolaid - lets hope the next generation is less of a disappoint - any way - fuck them and the bike they rode in on - and dave - since your probably the only one who will read this - enjoy the observation even if you never actually answer back - oh yes lets not forget - all praise and hail the bitcoin - your new master


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