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Friday, November 24, 2017

Everyone in the CRYPTO RACE? The next powerful men on the planet:









Everyone is excited and running to and fro and knowledge is increasing... 

Based on what I know (which is very little) in the HOLY BIBLE (the scriptures) my understanding leads me to the revelations that we are watching evil men and seducers wax worse and worse deceiving and being deceived.  The BITCOIN/CRYPTO CURRENCY market and the entire CRYPTOSPHERE is paving the way for the man of sin the son of perdition.  

Even Christians are running this race to be part of the next powerful men (and women) on the planet.  They are telling us to diversify our investments into BITCOIN and CRYPTO CURRENCIES and have left sound money (or is it God's money?) and have embraced this evil deceptive and rapidly advancing technology that is allegedly going to make the world a better place and develop a one world community of trust. They claim we are developing this trust through collaboration, communication, and computation.  Nothing could be farther from the truth but rather they have turned the truth of God into a lie and are now believing this lie which is God's strong delusion.

Get ready for more of this.  This worldwide conspiracy is great and the move is on for men to cultivate this wicked soil and grow an even greater amount of deceptive practices that seem to be attractive to those that call evil good and good evil.  And the fact is these things are happening to fulfill the scripture according to the scripture.

Even Tom Cloud now and his associates of "Christians" are laboring to be rich and increased with goods and have need of nothing.  There are many others too that masquerade as "Christians" and have no foundation in Christ Jesus but rather have their form of godliness and deny the power thereof.  They shall be judged according to their works:

Look at SGT REPORT and Sean Turnbull.  He presents himself as the good guy now and his YIN YANG THEOLOGY is obvious as he preaches THE GOSPEL OF Sean Turnbull on his broadcasts.  Many others have followed their pernicious ways of whom I won't even take the time to mention but their folly is being made manifest by them that believe the gospel of Christ and they are on this broad way that leads to destruction.

Many of these truthers, patriots, and false Christians will ultimately worship BITCOIN (or some other CRYPTO CURRENCY) and actually receive the beast and the number of his name soon. This CRYPTOSPHERE is now the final frontier and it has an end.  Even so, come Lord Jesus.

Ethereum is also in the race to raise funds to expand artificial intelligence, advanced robotics, and smart contracts for tracking and connecting people to the new world internet of things:

Truthers, Patriots, and REAL SCOUNDRELS

Tom Cloud reports THE STOCK MARKET is up 18% for this calendar year (DJIA), GOLD is up 11% and SILVER is up 7%,   What about BITCOIN and the CRYPTOSPHERE?  BITCOIN is up over 700%:

Listen to the Christian financial advisers on FOLLOW THE MONEY broadcast.  You're going to start to hear more about "Christian financial advise" now from various other truthers and patriots:

This next generation of rich men is rising in the CRYPTOSPHERE.  They are all doing very well at pumping this ponzi scheme and taking it higher-for now.

The NO LIMIT COIN or "NLC2 MAFIA" are also leading partakers in this endeavor:  

Guess who's spewing the ULTIMATE FUD?  Let me guess:

All you truthers and patriots are working together to spread the ULTIMATE FUD and moreover are spreading all manner of misinformation to add to the chaos and complexity of this race to riches:

Sean Turnbull and Lynette Zang working together to make the world a better place:

More CRYPTO-CHAOS in the CRYPTOSPHERE with people like:

  • Crypto Spark (a.k.a. FreedomForceUSA)
  • Jsnip4
  • Andy Hoffman
  • The World Crypto Network
  • many, many more channels...

We are even starting to hear more about BITCOIN and CRYPTO CURRENCY from people like Mike Maloney, David Morgan, and other former truthers and patriots who are fully set in them to do evil and embrace the BEAST BITCOIN 666 and THE NEW WORLD ORDER:

Worship the god CRYPTO with Jsnip4:  THANKSGIVING?  NO:  THANKSCRYPTO:


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