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Sunday, September 24, 2017

Is NO LIMIT COIN collapsing or not? We need a Q&A SESSION with CEO Rafael Groswirt

What's really going on with NO LIMIT COIN


Is Rafael Groswirt a fraud or a scammer?

If anything people should boycott the NFL GAMES and settle for some CRYPTO FANTASY SPORTS skills instead of feeding the enemies of America more money and precious time:

So what about NO LIMIT COIN?  And what's going on with it?

We need a Q&A SESSION with the CEO Rafael Groswirt.  We would also like to hear from Joe Theismann about the recent NFL Controversy over the National Anthem, our American Flag, and the disrespect being shown to our nation from these men in their helmets on the field and abroad.

What is going on folks?  Let's continue to try and find the truth in the news:

Maybe the recent NFL controversy is affecting the entire sports industry?

Watch Alex Jones explain the NFL enemies of America and the hatred toward President Donald Trump?

Will NO LIMIT COIN take a stand for the truth?


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