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Friday, July 14, 2017

Does Allin Gold work for YOU TUBE?

*****YOU TUBE IS NUTS and COMPUTERS ARE TAKING OVER our minds and lives...*****

Who's Promoting Violence?

The world today has gone mad

They tell us we are PROMOTING VIOLENCE?

This is absurd:

As we enter the new dimension of hypothetical theoretical synthetic reality and soon our minds will be taken over by these computer bots and algorithms that tell us what we are doing and know all about us we will have to OBEY and COMPLY with all their bullshit in THE NEW WORLD ORDER. 

No longer will we be able to think and even reason for ourselves but the computers will tell us what we are thinking and even what manner of illegal activity we are about.  They know best because the computers even know us better than ourselves:

As I look across YOU TUBE there are an enormous amount of videos that show and promote violence about killing cops, raping women, and many other pathetic things.  Although I don't have the intelligence of YOU TUBE or their advanced computer systems I cannot see for the life of me where anyone in here is promoting violence or illegal activities by trading a CRYPTO CURRENCY either up or down and RAPPING about it.  Weird.


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