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Friday, July 21, 2017

Buy Chaincoin and Hold Your Fidget Spinner

The Next Generation of CRYPTOS are nuts:

1 comment:

  1. dave - this was brutal to listen to - these cult members realy believe they invented investing - HODL - laughable - just sounds so fucking stupid - they basically advocate a conservative investment strategy of buy and go long - why cant they just say that - to HODL sounds like some poor scared millennial huddling in bad weather trying to ride out a thunderstorm all wet and pathetic with their coffee in one hand and a wet cigarette in the other - then there is their FUD acronym AKA spreading Fear Uncertainty Doubt or as we call it - speaking inconvenient facts that contradict their facts and actually cause people to think - these are a bunch of children - maybe not in age but in mind - the whole concept of hold and go long is nothing new - they think they tripped over a new strategy - curious


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