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Friday, April 21, 2017

The eminently shrewd and eccentric Alex Jones takes to the courtroom about smoking pot

*****Alex Jones UPDATE****

Langley, Lawyers, and Litigation...

Will the FATHER OF FAKE NEWS fight the globalists?

Well now he says he smokes pot...


Even in the courtroom...

Here's a new one: Alex Jones is a RIGHT-WING PROVOCATEUR and in the courtroom the man is even more of an exceptionally shrewd and eccentric performance artist.  So how will this turn out with his attorney remains to be seen.  He's apparently in a custody battle with his ex-wife over the children.

In the meantime many of his followers are wondering if they are getting duped by his FAKE NEWS. But then you have to admit that the foundations of America is EDUCATION and ENTERTAINMENT so expecting any truth the news is becoming and unrealistic expectation.

I say he's going to be more popular and he might even be on his way to BILLIONAIRE STATUS eventually.  It's all about those WORTHLESS FIAT FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES:


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