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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Everything is going to be all right rock-a-bye America

*****UNITY IN THE USA*****


More money into your household and more freedom into your life are coming...

With President Donald Trump and now President Barack Obama back on the scene, we know everything is just going to be all right in the USA...

Maybe we can all work for ACN again and be successful entrepreneurs...?

David Seaman and his LESBIAN friend from Las Vegas report many in the LGBT COMMUNITY who support Trump as LGBT CONSERVATIVES...

All the HOLLYWOOD FUCKERS are laughing and all their elite pals...

Ever wonder why HOLLYWOOD embraces so much violence?

THERE ARE THOSE OF YOU WHO DON'T UNDERSTAND THE NEWS UNIT and you have some preconceived notion that you have it figured out.  Well guess what?  YOU DON'T HAVE SHIT FIGURED OUT!  You are at least 100% IGNORANT.

So here's how I end this post.  I rest here in the BLOOD OF THE LAMB the Lord Jesus Christ.

Now go read your CHICK COMIC BOOK kiddies!  

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