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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Dave Acton endorses Gabor Zolna and reports ALL 2ND AMENDMENT YOU TUBE CHANNELS DEMONETIZED

Go Gabor Zolna!

(Can Gabor Zolna UNBLOCK The News UNIT or "newsunit" from making COMMENTS on his channel?)

Also Dave Acton reviews a Gabor Zolna finding of  R. Alexander Acosta who was one of President Trump's picks for Secretary of Labor has had a special relationship with people like Jefferey Epstein a Billionaire sex offender...

As for The News UNIT or "newsunit" YOU TUBE CHANNEL:  I was blocked by the Jew Gabor Zolna for some reason and recently I saw Gabor Zolna is interested in possibly converting to the Muslim Religion and plans to study the Koran:

Will Gabor Zolna be a convert to Islam?

"I might want to join in helping them fight."

"...if you can't beat 'em join 'em."

-Gabor Zolna

So we will have to keep up to date on Gabor Zolna's new religious quest and see if he will be a jew that converts to Islam. Perhaps more Jews are going to convert to Islam.  There must be something to following Muhammad:  

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