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Friday, April 7, 2017

Christian Revival in NORTH CAROLINA being reported

*****THE ANOINTING and POWER OF GOD is being reported*****


God is bringing unity to the churches

Also miracles of healing being reported...

Huge outpouring of the Holy Spirit and churches coming together...and many Muslims are coming to know the Lord Jesus Christ...

I'm going to have to start reporting this because now we have President Donald Trump The Trumpet also leading our nation who is filled with the Spirit of God and soon Bill Gates will also bring in a new financial realm for the church.

If you are an unbeliever in the power of God and prophecy you need to watch the following two videos and pay very close attention to detail:

ONE CONCERN:  God says, "I shall fool the people."  What does that mean?



  1. As to the revival in North Carolina, the unity of churches is common in alleged revivals. The problem is, doctrinal separation on the basis of heresy is cast to the wind, and the unity soon becomes a mongrel ecumenism. The healings are violations of what was prophesied by the Apostle Paul in I Corinthians 13 where we are told that tongues, prophecy, and special revelation will cease. That happened when the canon of the Word of God was complete around 150 AD. The healings of the New Testament church age were sign gifts used by God to establish the church. At the end of the early Church age, James told us to call the elders and the prayer of faith will heal the sick. This seems to have been present according to the pastor, but then he goes on to talk about sudden faith healings which are not promised in the later age of the Church. So, if this is a real revival, it will soon result in their sorting out the errors in their doctrine and practice. Any alleged movement of God which thrives outside of sound doctrine is no revival at all. It is a circus and very deadly.

  2. As to Kim Clements, the man who had a program called "Kick Devil Butt," this man is a clown. He has learned showmanship, and he has learned to grad the present and make general predictions that can be proven by happenstances of the future. Actually, Kim Clements has died I have heard. If he is a false prophet, and he is since his prophecies have not all come true, he is in Hell screaming for water. I pity the idiots who follow the blather and bluster of this idiot posthumously.


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