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Thursday, March 16, 2017

The USA will turn into ANOTHER ISRAEL soon

Bomb Threats and Jewish Community Centers:

USA becoming Another Israel

The IDF will be coming to America under a new name...

Lately all the concerns about BOMB THREATS to JEWISH COMMUNITY CENTERS along with a growing amount of Jews that are networking their messages via YOU TUBE and other means are revealing that there is some major movement of Jewish interest going on here and where this is going is no doubt being planned.  Whatever happens you can bet they planned it that way:

I wouldn't even doubt if President Trump becomes a Messianic Jew of sorts to further drive this modern Christian Industry into a new realm of deception. Mark it down as a legitimate possibility and highly probable:

Trump is a big fan of LAW ENFORCEMENT and a LARGE MILITARY.  He's also going to blend the two together and it will be all just fine because Trump did it and he's for everyone's SECOND AMENDMENT RIGHTS.  This too is coming:    


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