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Monday, February 13, 2017


CHINA the Heroin and Fentanyl pusher

Heroin and Fentanyl (or Fentanil) imports from China

Learn what people are saying about our DOPED UP AMERICA. This is a NATION ON DRUGS and the COMMENT BELOW REGARDING CHINA is concerning but sounds very plausible:

The VIDEO BELOW is a waste of time because it is that of politicians and committees that waste time acting like they really care but just give the usual lip service to some very serious problems.  It is better to read the COMMENTS than believe the video.  

The National Institute on Drug Abuse and other nonsense NON PROFIT organizations are just there to make more money for those who create these immense wasteful organizations and nothing ever gets done.  I simply expect evil men and seducers to wax worse and worse:  

The mental health industry professionals are the largest drug pushers in the USA. Why not stop these Psychiatric Medical Doctors from drugging everyone up?

Pharma companies can only operate if people are retarded enough to put foreign substances in their bodies without asking questions first. I find it hard to place blame on companies taking advantage of the pure idiocy we have in society and terrible decision making, whether it's taking medication from your doctors without asking a single question or getting it off the street.

Van Harding 
Van Harding20 hours agoHighlighted reply
newsunit - DITTO and TRADE between the USA and CHINA is part of the solution. China has a history of exporting 'opium' to it's trade partners to weaken their opponent - today it is Heroin and Fentanyl. CHINA is the largest Communist country in the world and seeks to weakening of the USA for its own ability to take-over the USA. Damage to our economy and society is their goal. Reminder - CHINA is COMMUNISM - thus void of human rights - hence China does not care about the individual person it is solely focused upon it's gain.BigPharma, the AMA and the Healthcare Insurance industries are the real cause of this epidemic and the current system for pain management must be thrown away and many alternative and complementary medicines MUST be integrated into insurance coverage. Acupuncture intervenes upon the central nervous system and has been utilized in heroin addiction withdrawal for 20 years in the USA - BUT - there is no insurance to pay for it. Those who have had access to acupuncture (NADA protocol) participated in non-profit and/or city and county drug treatment programs or paid out of pocket to private drug treatment centers which provided the service. BigPharma is against acupuncture because it is its competitor. Medical Doctors are against acupuncture because it is their direct competitor for out of pocket services. Fact: during the 1990's and early 2000's BigPharma promoted the falsehood to medical doctors that their opiod based medications were not addictive in order to increase their sales. BigPharma needs to be taxed to pay for the needed programs to address the disaster they have created.

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