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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Can anyone figure out what's going on with President Trump and today's current events?


Does anything at all make any sense today?

Can you comprehend the CHAOS?

Trump and the TRAVEL BAN:

Hillary Clinton says, "...the future is female..."


I've been busy the last several days and have not taken time to look at current events and the usual news sources.  As I review some things here today checking the usual headlines on the major networks and also more advanced alternative media I honestly cannot comprehend the chaos that is growing with the Trump Administration and with all manner of world events.

For instance the HEADLINES ON THE DRUDGE REPORT are such that I can only comprehend and conclude that the world lies in complete wickedness and chaos and it's probably about to get very worse.  As much as I was hoping that President Donald Trump would make America great again I see a man who even though he may give an appearance that he's actually making progress is inevitably on a treadmill to nowhere.

Now why am I all of the sudden not so optimistic about President Trump.  Because I see a nation divided 50/50 and half of them are mostly nominal Americans and the other half are obvious enemies of America and are continually making mischief in any way shape or some or form they can. It is such that we are collectively a nation that has lost its way and probably even lost its mind.

I'll have more on this after further contemplation but I do not intend to overload my thoughts and cogitations with this NEWS ENVIRONMENT other than maintaining a useful awareness of what is going on should threatening situations develop that may result in threats to our lives and property. 

This is SURVIVAL TIME folks! And it is not necessarily unexpected based on the word of God:

So FOR THE READERS OF THIS BLOG you can start off by looking at THE DRUDGE REPORT and get the latest dose of the CONTINUOUS TRUMP CONTROVERSY that is ongoing and how this CURRENT CONTINUOUS CHAOS is paving a path of the WIDE ROAD that leads to destruction where many there be are going in thereat:

One thing that will seal all of our doom is WOMEN and what they have turned into today. Even President Trump knows this while explaining his TRAVEL BAN to a group of law enforcement officials:

The enemies of America such as Hillary Clinton and MANY MANY OTHERS are worrying more about the exaltation of women...and I won't go any further into that but this LINK:

Yes, the future is female...BE BOLD, BE are valuable, powerful, and deserving women...and you don't need men anymore either...

An example of our POWERFUL FEMALES in HIGH PLACES...

And by the way take a look at our nation's leading powerful women such as Representative Nancy Pelosi and this Senator Elizabeth Warren:

On Making America Great Again

My take on our President Donald Trump is that he is a man that is really trying so hard to do a good job and make the right decisions at the moment for the sake of the USA.  Meanwhile the enemies of America are raging mad and would rather see THE ALREADY GROWING CULTURE OF CHAOS continue to take this nation and our land right down the drain of destruction and perhaps even into sort of the Slough of Despond where this nation already abides as a falsely so-called "Christian nation."

You may think that President Trump is sort of blundering at times but he's trying his best to navigate ALL THE CHAOS AND CONFUSION THAT LAWYERS HAVE CREATED as they have complicated the laws of our nation and have done their part to destroy the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights:  The laws and ordinance of our nation and our law enforcement officials has been designed to destroy We the People rather than promote life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness:

So you might ask me the following question:  

Do we have any hope for the USA?

My answer is NO WE DO NOT!  But better is the end of a thing than the beginning thereof:




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