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Sunday, December 4, 2016


*****We love SILVER GOLD MAN*****

He even EXPOSED The News UNIT:

You read that right above:

SILVER GOLD MAN exposed The News UNIT.  I'm one of the CIRCLE JERK OF CORRUPTION people that pump GOLD and SILVER and I'm a shill that's in league with the rest of those whom he calls the DIS INFORMATION GANG.  

Well, I like SILVER GOLD MAN and I believe everything he says.  I don't know if I can convince him but I COMPLETELY REPENT if I have been in the wrong gang and I now join up with SILVER GOLD MAN.  Please forgive me of my sins against SILVER GOLD MAN or what he used to be called as CONNECTING DOTS 1, 2, and 3, or however many previous YOU TUBE CHANNELS he has had. 

The News UNIT subscribes to SILVER GOLD MAN 

The News UNIT would now like to join the SILVER GOLD MAN TEAM and from now on I'll be posting his videos where he sets the record straight.  I'm glad I even turned around and saw the light:  Once I was going to wrong way but now I found SILVER GOLD MAN.

So folks i am now getting right with SILVER GOLD MAN publicly here on The News UNIT.  I no longer want to be tied in with THE CIRCLE JERK OF CORRUPTION.  If I have done this I am now amending my ways and promise to repent and support the SILVER GOLD MAN and his channel every chance I get.  The guy's news and technical analysis is above reproach and his track record if you search his videos is indeed amazing.  The SILVER GOLD MAN is there to help us:


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