Thursday, July 28, 2016

The end of the U.S. Auto Industry is here as Ford CEO warns of no growth

Time to buy a bicycle and a Honda

The old FORDS are going away:

The face of America is changing now

We already know that CRUDE OIL is falling because of no more demand and so will fuel prices drop considerably once again as alternative forms of energy are beginning to set a new precedence in the auto industry along with a growing surge of smaller vehicles and self-driving cars and buses coming along to keep us all safer in our travels.  Even GOOGLE (or is it Alphabet?) and Tesla are taking over the industry and their stocks are behemoth now on Wall Street while the old American companies of General Motors and Ford are starting to see their industry plateau now and THE END is in sight for U.S. automakers as we knew them.  

Times are changing and many people wanted this new hope and change and it's now going to happen.  Is it for the better or worse?  That remains to be seen but wave goodbye to America unless Donald Trump can somehow (as he claims) make America great again.

I still own a 2002 Ford Super Duty Diesel 7.3 Power Stroke and that vehicle has been discontinued with the newer ones full of emissions and the cost for the consumer actually getting very near SIX FIGURES.  So it would look to me like we are on the verge of having some real problems.  

Even boats today are hard to sell since new ones are outrageously priced and very few people even consider them anymore unless they can downsize and buy used.  The economy might actually be in a mess with this transition to globalism.  We'll see how we can all ride it out before the man of sin the son of perdition shows up on the scene.  



  1. You complain about the most trivial things.

    1. I'm not complaining. But I know you were right about crude oil and the auto industry. It's coming to pass now. I just don't think it has sunk into the minds of America yet. You think Trump can turn it around?

    2. No idea what you are referencing. I've never been right about anything.


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