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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

JAPAN consults Ben Bernanke over $100 BILLION STIMULUS


BANK OF JAPAN consults with Ben Bernanke

An enormous U.S. MARKET RALLY continues higher

Where's the VOLUME?  Who's buying stocks?

Will the VIX be decommissioned?  There's no more fear:

THE ENTIRE WORLD NOW IS REELING UNDER AN ARTIFICIAL MONEY SYSTEM and the leaders who created this mess are working together to keep it running.  I'm wondering what they really want other than MORE MONEY and MORE POWER.  They will keep it going no doubt to their benefit but some say the natural market forces are catching up to them now and they are running out of tricks.  Is this true?  

We are watching the U.S. MARKETS CONTINUE TO RALLY ON LOW VOLUME and many other concerns and market measurements are not looking too healthy.  Are we on the verge of a CORRECTION or a TOTAL COLLAPSE?


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  1. great show last night with diamond don harrold and tacos. not sure where tacos gets his info but him and mike norman should get a show together.


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