Thursday, June 30, 2016

REAL LIFE LIKE SEX DOLLS have an advantage for everyone

Amazing Technology Today

For the uninhibited types:

(We don't need real people anymore)

Advantages of SEX DOLLS:
  • You don't get any STD's
  • You don't sin against God
  • You can't call it fornication
  • You can't call it adultery
  • You can't call it lust of the flesh
  • If you bang one of these it's just ASSISTED MASTURBATION.
  • They don't have any emotional baggage 
  • They are reasonably priced
  • They really are good looking
  • You don't need real people and can avoid lots of problems 


Since there's so much fornication, adultery, divorce, and other sexual perversions, we are all better off having a SEX DOLL for companionship.  I wonder if they will create some LGBTQIA style love dolls?  The innovations are endless.

Meet Sandy: 



  1. when are we getting a newsunit review of 1 of these?

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  4. will offer a super realistic touch and feel for people who adore the flabby, soft, sexy flesh of big beautiful women.


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