Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Hank Paulson endorses Hillary Clinton

Hank Paulson is a REPUBLICAN?

The REPUBLICANS hate Donald Trump so much that REPUBLICANS are endorsing the Clinton Global Initiative:



Both REPUBLICANS and DEMOCRATS are teaming up together now to defeat Donald Trump as Donald Trump is reported to be dangerous, incoherent, and a threat to Homeland Security.  Everyone is turning to Hillary Clinton to lead the way to a new and better world where we are all safe and secure and the government protects us:



  1. Turn around Tuesday on zero news. Huge zombie gap up into a dead cat bounce. Great time to find some banks to short and maybe pick up some miners on the cheap in a few weeks. My mental game is on point and I'm about to go Pitbull on this market.

    1. Exactly it's time to short the market big time. The world banks can no longer hold this together and natural market forces are taking over now.

      By the way I hear it's getting difficult to obtain physical gold and silver now. I think we might see a precious metals rush now because of all of the chaos.


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