Monday, May 30, 2016

The SEX SCANDALS of the Clintons are making headlines again

The Perverts and Pedophiles are in their HIGH PLACES

They all keep us safe of course:

Is this all part of the CLINTON GLOBAL INITIATIVE?  Or is it the GLOBAL EMPOWERMENT OF WOMEN?   Either way it's all for a good cause and probably under another SECTION 501(C) 3 NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION:


  1. this is something i don't know if the news unit wants to cover, but i've covertly watched a collapse of a big multi YT channel channel. each 1 had ads kickin ass (ive only been aware of them thru their prank channel) as YT algors have it u visit 1 channel ur connected 4 life, then they feed u wen u go to the home YT page 'relative' links to click on. essentially they (ithink) went from simple pranks to fame n fortune and are hating life.

    anyway they had like 3-4 channels i didn't follow, but if they TITLED THEIR VIDS THE RIGHT WAY unfortunately i fell for the click bait (tho i did skim thru 2 get 2 the point they were trying to make and it was always disappointing) though their rate of subs and views were/are serious. but i seen this

    my comment was "i want to put some perspective into 'THEM'. who are they? multiple YT channels to CASH IN and hopefully become 'FAMOUS'. your life really has to have sucked to follow their every move THAT THEY ALLOWED YOU TO SEE AND PUT UP ADS SO THEY CAN PROFIT! if you want to know the definition of 'SUCKER" go look in your mirror."

  2. the flames of glory or how glory goes up in flame.. AT SOME POINT..


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