Monday, December 28, 2015

What happened to all the 2015 prophecy experts with their Shemita year, blood moons, and economic collapse...etc?


And you know who you are!

Can you hear this?

These last two posts here on The News UNIT should be of primary study.  They don't look as attractive as some of the news that's posted around here but there's a more important and life changing message here for both THEM THAT BELIEVE and THEM THAT BELIEVE NOT.  It would do well to listen to these messages in full: 

Many men who are engrossed in economics and geopolitical news events are trying desperately to figure things out as is Greg Hunter, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, and many others like Pastor Lindsey Williams, etc.  They are getting wore out from this.  Others have left and gone into hiding or just take up some other hobbyhorse and run with it to and fro to their own destruction.  It would do well to TAKE HEED TO WHAT YOU HEAR and TAKE HEED HOW YOU HEAR: