Thursday, December 24, 2015

Prophetess Lisa Haven has a message from her father

The Approved Prophetess and the testimony of her father R.J.

Lisa Haven is a prophetess and a woman approved by Balaam's Ass Speaks for her accurate research on various things such as Pope Francis I, etc.  We now learn more about fallen angels and the Nephilim and UFO events.

R.J. has such a testimony and such a heart for the Lord.

As for The News UNIT--bad things are coming:

I just watched your News Unit entry--
This blog post is clearly extreme mockery of me, but worse, your toying with praying to God in jest is disgusting, sir.  

The irony is that you played the lady’s rant but stopped short of her dealing with the Pope. THAT was what was in context in the blog post. I know of no other source dealing with the Pope’s remarks in such a condensed form. Why did you leave that part out? Don’t bother to answer. 

You are a very smart fellow, and you had a reason known to you I suspect. I now feel that you have been toying with me so that you could make use of me as a whipping boy. Let’s end things my friend. I do not need to respond to this sort of thing further.  

From hereon out, you are free to mock me any way you want, but I will soon drop all contact with your sites and links to you. Can you imagine how I am supposed to explain to my readers, who follow my link to The News Unit, why I accept your extreme mockery of me. This makes me look like a demented sadomasochist. This is a sad ending, but end it must. I see no reason to be made into your buffoon willingly. Romans 14:16 Let not then your good be evil spoken of:

I caution you as you continue mocking and blaspheming at God and Jesus Christ. If you are born again, bad things are coming.

In Christ Jesus


PS All email from you will be blocked herewith. Kindly stop calling my phone also.