Saturday, December 26, 2015

Mark Zuckerberg, a New World Order Leader and FACEBOOK


Mark Zuckerberg and FACEBOOK to run our daily lives

The United States of America doesn't even resemble the nation I grew up in anymore and I'm only 48 years old.  Here's Mark Zuckerberg now who is an established world leader due to FACEBOOK with his recommendations on what books to read.  These are subtle workshops designed to propagate the New World Order and to teach the new global community how to embrace this new culture of chaos and call ourselves an INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY.

The new age of apps, self driving cars, UBER Taxi Service, Instagram, Twitter, FACEBOOK, and Amazon will be all we need as we get connected together and get back to work.  It's the next best thing--remember?

The next best thing is bringing everyone together through the New World of Technology and connectivity through apps, social media, and gadgets.   This Cisco commercial actually had a message a while ago that seemed to me to shed some light on what's coming in this New World Order of chaos, confusion, and every evil work: