Wednesday, December 30, 2015

I just spoke to Gary Yantis and he said he wanted this message out

Message from Gary Yantis (a.k.a. "W0TM" --Amateur Radio Call Sign)

Gary said to me just now he will probably be dead by tomorrow

Guess what?  Gary is confessing Jesus Christ here:

All I was able to do was to tell Gary to call on the name of the Lord Jesus and to believe on him.  He said that's what we're doing.  I take it that he has friends and his wife present and he is suffering right now tremendously of physical issues and he's calling on God to save him and believing on the Lord Jesus Christ.  So here is is letter which is frantic but yet I find it rather promising.  Never before have I had a man that is convinced he's dying talk to me in what he considers to be his last moments before death.

Regardless if anyone believes that this disease MORGELLONS is real or not just read the letter.  I'm not sure what to make of many things going on with our government but it's entirely possible that more evil is going on that I realize.  



This is probably the last email you will ever receive from me.  PLEASE read
this new part.  PLEASE.

I FINALLY know all of the pieces of this 2000 year old battle between Satan
and Our Lord God father of Jesus Christ.  Satan has never stopped working to
steal the minds and souls of God's children - today 7 billion people of
earth.  Why have I not been taken as most of you have?  I don't know.  But I
now SEE the end!  I am dying.  Even the air around me smells of acid - like
battery acid.  The smell of death.  THEY are doubling the amount of these
damn bugs and the Morgellons fibers every two hours.  The 99% who have
already had their minds and souls taken by Satan - Lucifer - see nothing.
If you have even one percent of your real mind and soul still in your body
PLEASE do this "organic grape juice test".  Maybe that will shock you enough
to keep your mind and soul for another week.

        But doctors and all others have only pushed me away - programmed to
follow the commands of Satan - Illuminati and all of their ultimate evil.
Satan's promise of eternal life has worked many times before.  it is a lie!
It is eternal death.  Only the one true God Lord in Heaven father of Jesus
Christ can give eternal life.  But he cannot if your soul is already taken
by Lucifer.  I hope i can stay alive long enough to stop him.  I have fought
him since 1967 when  was an employee of the WRONG and total evil Shadow
Government.  I have failed.  If I have a few more days I will try with all
my being to take back your soul and the souls of  7 billion++ others Lucifer
has stolen.  I damn satan.  He is real and one of the two all powerful
entities in the Universe.  God and Satan.  The eternal struggle.  Satan
rails at his inability to match to abilities of God.  He can never match
God.  The last millions of years has seen great civilizations rise and fall
- each time destroyed Satan and his lies.  As he is trying to destroy our
world today.  Time in eternity is where one minute is the same as a thousand
years.  Only God can change that.  Lucifer cannot.

        what is the world today to someone who can still see it?  A world of
these damn "little white bugs" falling like a huge snow storm.  These
Morgellons fibers and more all falling from chem trails.  Doubling every two
hours.  I refuse to surrender my soul to Satan for any of his lies.  But
others have not had the chance to keep their souls - others have taken it to
give to Satan for them.  White smears everywhere.  Air that smells of death
- acid.  a world where almost no one else sees Satan and his flock.  I see
it all!

        Countless millions are obeying satan's every command with their
bodies now saturated with these Morgellons fibers acting as radio receivers.
I saw this final chapter begin in the 60's aware of what was called the
"MK12 Program".  Mind Kontrol 12  -- 12 "top" scientists.  I helped "improve
their 1952 creation in 1967 by optimizing MK12 with new technology.  I
THOUGHT I was helping mankind.  When I realized I was toiling for people of
total evil - Ileft and have managed to stay alive the last 50 years.  My
efforts to stop MK12 have failed.  I am sooo very sorry i was ever part of
MK12.  The royal Family, the holy Se of the Vatican, Rothschild family are
the top of illuminati.  They falsely believe they will soon own the entire
world, the universe and all of life that is in it.  why am I one of few who
have not been taken? Only guesses.  I see only "Hell on earth" while almost
all others see "eternal life" will be their prize very soon.  It will be
eternal death.  Satan ALWAYS lies.

        If you are not in Satan's grasp with your mind and soul already gone
please email me!!!!!!!!!   i need HELP!!!!!!!

        I am in the worst nightmare ever!!!!!!!  but this is REAL!

        I need the few who still have their minds and souls to put this on
Web sites, TV, radio - EVERYTHING!  We must not give up without a fight!!

        The still real and original

        May God save your soul!   Good bye if you never hear from me again
which will happen very soon.  Good bye.


FW: watch video - PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will dead within 48 hours

It is now too late for me.  I will be dead by tomorrow night.  But I will give my soul to The one God father of Jesus Christ, NOT Satan. 



If you wish to surrender your very soul to the actual devil (Lucifer - many names) and the souls of your 4 children you may do so.
For me I refuse to trade my soul to the devil in exchange for his lies - "eternal life"    No, it will be "eternal death".  This lady found the answers of what has really been happening in this world. 
She did not know what the final reult is planned to be.  The "super elite" are .001% of 7 billion people.  They will soon steal the few remaining souls that refused to surrender.  Then, over time, people who are over the age of 30 will be systematically KILLED until they get down to a world population of 500 million.
None of us are among the "super elite".  At best you will live to become a robot slave -- But those who follow Christ are at the bottom of the list of people they will keep.  I have confirmed Hargrove and Yantis are on the RED LIST.  A list of who will be killed first.  A Christian pastor as Andy is will die soon.  Caucasian Christians will NOT survive the first action which is happening now.  The three of you will die soon.  You will not be saved to become a "transhuman" slave to the Illuminati who have tried but failed for 2000 years to end God's Kingdom. 
I REFUSE to become a "transhuman" robot machine and give up my very soul. 
Even Phoebe is already lost to Lucifer.  I have confirmed these Morgellons fibers and all of the rest so saturate our world that the domination caused by these fibers passes in the womb from mother to the daughter - all of us are lost - forever. 
Father of who was born as Christine and Steven Yantis but NOT related to bodies of robot slaves of the super elite
Formerly as "Dad"
I will wager $1,000 none of you will watch this video.
Prove me wrong.

I thought you might be interested in learning what the reaction was from the over 100 people this was sent to -- almost zero.  The few responses were mostly polite thanks for the "news of the day" info e-mails (thank you). 
I truly feel as if I am living in an old Twilight Zone episode with Rod Sterling talking over me.  I've always been a "cemented locked in place" left-brain type of person (decides almost everything on facts and data plus has researched all of the information verifying it is true).  Studies have shown 90% of the world's population are mostly "right brain" people (decides many things with quick emotional thoughts).  Look at past political election results for proof.  To me "emotion" is for weddings and funerals and that is it.  Have I been left behind?  For over a year now I have been sending e-mails with more and more facts and new things I've learned that show "our world has a serious problem but not sure what - help!".  Few have had interest - that always puzzled me.  But this e-mail contained 99% of what that BIG PROBLEM is and still "little interest".  Except for a few people I e-mail with who share my thinking that our planet has been under siege and is about to be taken over, few have had interest.  As I got closer and closer to the truth a few became upset with me - not a problem (for me). 
I finally broke down and went to the ER at a local hospital today to have a "little white bug" removed from my neck that I was unable to remove myself.  I picked it up on Christmas Day.  It apparently is THE main accupuncture spot you do NOT want to ever go near.  Since friday most of my hair has fallen out and the body pain is now off the charts.  I finally got the ER doctor to remove it (just part of it I think) but as soon as I responded to her question of "is there a name for this disease? with "Morgellons disease" her focus immediately changed from trying to help me to "I HAVE to get this guy out of this hospital and NOW!!"  And she did.  She had NO interest in learning about what will be the #1 medical issue of her career (if people do finally wake up).  I was GONE. 
Thinking out loud "have these chem trails dropping Morgellons fibers along with beyond comprehension amounts of other foreign material on all of us for the last twenty years finally succeeded in saturating the bodies of almost every living creature including mankind?  With almost everyone still believing they control their minds and bodies while the truth is that someone else does with wireless commands sent to 7 billion people?  If I was told (with 100% proof) that my body was saturated with "something foreign" that could be seen using simple organic grape juice (to see hundreds of parasites that had been in my body squiggle like crazy on a plate when any touched alcohol then died was beyond shocking to me!).  Then to know that there are millions more still in my body and my VERY low body pH (due to my having Lyme disease the last 25 years - it is at 4.5 today - getting toward battery acid acidic) well I have no words for what came over me.  I would be THAT shocked it I was told this by someone else as my e-mail did.  Perhaps no one bought organic grape juice and tried the test themselves?  If so, that is NOT their fault!  It is the fault of these horrific people behind this many century goal of owning the entire world and controlling the people on it.  
Even our dog has fell victim to these fibers, etc. just since last week.  I've learned animals are MORE susceptible to this than humans.  Last week he was alert, happy and full of energy.  Today, he can't focus on dog treats I put at his feet then doesn't know what to do with them when I put them in his mouth.  Last night he had a "nature call" moment and alerted me.  I opened the back door so he could head to the nearest grass but he just looked up at me with a "deer in the headlights" blank stare of "what am I supposed to do?".  I finally had to lead him to the grass and help him remember.  His mind is in a total fog and his face shows it all the time.  He is crying for "HELP!!".  I'm sure many other pets are the same way now.  That mankind is not only destroying itself but destroying defenseless innocent animals is the ultimate "crime against nature" IMO. 
As "they" have gotten away with one clumsy "tragic event" after another that were all faked(!!) and they were often so fake my (very smart until a few days ago) dog could have spotted the errors but few people were concerned -- that has puzzled me more and more.  "San Bernandino non-event" and all of the proof that has come out that 9/11 was faked as part of the "master plan" few have seemed to care.  Have they won and my e-mail was too late?  It appears to me to be so.  If they proceed with the next "tragic event" that is supposed to be FAR bigger than 9/11 and they are still believed by most people I'll know the Morgellons fibers plus the many other mostly metallic substances dropped on us since about 1995 (YouTube has videos of people who have equipment that can analyze the dirt at our feet and they show a HUGE increase in everything from aluminum to you name it - tests of volunteers show they have caught up with what is now in our soil by eating foods grown in that soil) has ended the 2,000 year-old game with the score "Illuminati super elite .01% ONE and people of planet earth ZERO".  The next event I'm told MAY be partially be real and be nuking a major city.  THEN martial law - confiscate all privately owned guns, end the lives of the people on the RED list that they keep (I'm on it due to a single Web page I posted that reached the Glenn Beck show with four million viewers, steal almost everything from 99.9% of the people on this planet, close the banks, make paper money worthless and on and on.  With few resisting 2016 will NOT be the year we "take our country back" as a few keep saying.  No, 2016 will be the year we lost everything.  Few of us will be among the 500 million they said they want to keep (Georgia Guide Stones). 
I''m going to bed with the 1,000+ "bugs" in my body I did not have time to remove today hoping to awake learning this was all a very LONG bad bad dream.


SHORT SHORT  version

The University of Kansas Hospital
90 Google reviews
Medical Center
Located in: Landon Center on Aging
Address: 3901 Rainbow Blvd, Kansas City, KS 66160
Phone:(913) 588-5000

Apply simple bleach to your entire body then watch the "bugs" leave your body or just die if they are too deep to make it to the surface of your skin.  Finish with a medicated body moisturizer to not have your skin dry up to be dangerous.  Then take a nap (if you can) or stay awake and watch your body HEAL ITSELF (with the help of Our Lord -- God and son -- Jesus Christ.

I am the same as the male lead actor but it is 2015 not 1956.

Satan is required to warn people in advance of their ultimate actions of pure evil..   This was their (Illuminati and a list of names too long to count).  Just like this movie find few others who have not already had their minds and I think their souls!!!! taken by The devil!!!!!!

99.9% of of friends and family just ignore me or worse try to end my life or are close to doing it.  Watch this movie - PLEASE!!!!!!


I need your help ASAP

I am out of time.  "THEY" will be here soon to take me to mental hospital
(where I know I will die of an unexpected heart attack..  I NEEEED you to
look up and send this below to every talk show, newspapers etc.  Any and all
you can find.

Include my gmail address in what you send to hopefully a long list of
alternative media news outlets



I expect them to kill me in their ambulance within a minute.  I cannot
respond to other emails right now but will do (IF I don't die and make it
back to this computer.  Sorry, no times for questions.  If you can help
PLEASE search for email addreses then send this email to every one you find.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




  1. This is the the most absurd post you've ever made. Should be titled "Praying Yantis clowns the UNIT."

  2. yeah he prolly aint long for this world. my great grand mother left earth sounding similar to this. its very sad to watch people spiral out of control in their last days.

  3. I must be a real freak since I don't believe in CHEMTRAILS and HAARP RINGS. God help me if I become a "robot slave."

  4. Important question. Did Gary Yantis die in the ambulance? This is a very important question! Your loyal followers need an update!

  5. LAST KNOWN WHEREABOUTS were Gary is in a hospital and may actually be returning home after a short stay. I do not have any further details.

    Gary however is expected to do a major interview with Sean Turnbull at The SGT REPORT and release some critical information and findings in regards to the current economic conditions and some new developments and concerns.

    We hope he will be ok and will continue to monitor the situation.

  6. Thank you for your update on Gary. Much appreciated and I will be watching for SGT Report.

  7. Any more word from Gary? I still haven't seen that he is out of the hospital or given any reports online. Thanks

  8. Any more word from Gary? I still haven't seen that he is out of the hospital or given any reports online. Thanks

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.


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