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Thursday, November 19, 2015



France doesn't waste any time mopping up terrorists:

Abdelhamid Abaaoud IS DEAD

The U.S.A. takes years and France takes just a few days

The French organized display of force and action was impressive

Methinks we have a problem with leadership in America

Consider how long it took to get Osama Bin Laden and now ISIS

Seems that the U.S.A. led by the growing unconstitutional Obama administration compared to the French government is lacking in their action against terror and terrorists.  Instead here in America our government seeks to create domestic terrorists and manufacture suspicious stereotypes against We the People while in France the police and military were very swift to take care of the real criminals and even the people appeared to be cooperative and relieved with no sign of protesting and so forth.  

France was even quick to launch a military attack and bomb ISIS and was swift to shut down their borders and launch a raid on the terrorists cell group who did this great evil bringing them either to their death or to justice.  What a sharp contrast and an absolute embarrassment to the United States of America.  How sad!

Will Donald Trump change this?  How about Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders?  Maybe Carli Fiorina?  I don't think so unless Donald Trump really means what he says and he can get off his high horse of personal pride and accomplishments which people will soon be tired of hearing from him and focusing his duty to represent We the People.  If Donald Trump keeps up his BROKEN RECORD RALLIES OF EXALTING HIMSELF he is certainly going to be destroyed by his own pride very soon.  Perhaps Jeb Bush will be the man after all?


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