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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Putin promises ECONOMIC REVENGE on Turkey

Putin is a world wimp

He knows he can't mess with the West

Go back into your hole you KGB PUNK!

Obama will set the record straight worldwide

Some say Putin thinks he's tough because he can throw a few bombs in on ISIS but as you can clearly see from videos the Islamic militants are all alive and well below waiting for the next ejection seat to come floating down with a parachute into the hands of Allah the divine and merciful.

Putin should behave himself now and be happy his stock market in Russia has rallied recently.  His Russian Air Force should also learn some better navigational skills and not play games with Turkey.  So he can roam around the Caspian and Black Seas now with his dilapidated fleet of warships and make a show with his ships that smell like "BO." 

I'm not certain that any prophecy of EZEKIEL 38 lines up with Putin as people think.  We will have to research that but in the meantime the usual prophets and prophetesses will do their best to impress us with their great swelling words of vanity:

Now we learn that one pilot survived and was indeed rescued.  Will we learn the other one is alive and well also?  Who knows if there's any truth in the news.  Last we heard the other pilot was offered as a living sacrifice to Allah and his prophet Muhammad peace be upon him:


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