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Thursday, November 26, 2015

President Obama preaches a Thanksgiving Day message

Is this a message from the god 'Allah?'

Prepare for Muslim Pilgrims to write a new chapter of America

Muslims are God's children too... 

Notice he didn't say, "...and GOD BLESS AMERICA."

"...Thanksgiving is a day for food and football and hoping the turkey didn't turn out too dry...all of us have something to be thankful for....All of us are created much of our greatness comes from our generosity...I've been touched by the generosity of the Americans who have written me letters and emails in recent weeks offing to open their homes to refugees fleeing the brutality of ISIL...welcoming others is part of what it means to be an American...the world is still full of pilgrims...we turn Lady Liberty's light to the world and widen our circle of concern to say that all God's children are worthy of our compassion and care...and together may we all play our own small part in the American story and write a next chapter that future generations can be thankful for...from the Obama family to yours, HAVE A GREAT THANKSGIVING."
---President Barack Hussein Obama 

 God is remembered at least in a few states...

It may be best to move to West Virginia, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, Utah, Idaho, Arkansas, and Mississippi, as these states (and people) are thankful for God's love, God's forgiveness, God's word, mercy, Salvation, and the heavenly Father,...interesting...


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