Sunday, November 29, 2015

Obama insists on GUN LAW REFORM as frequency of shootings in America rises 

Allahu Akabr Imam Obama!

Bring in the REFUGEES

The REFUGEES will bring more GUNS and MONEY to America:

Arabs in more civilized countries know how to control their guns.  And they love to throw money around too at women:

The spread of Islam is spreading rapidly now


All this kind of shit is coming to America very soon:

Arabs and all their Muslim brethren will take over now and come to America.  America will disarm We the People but the Muslims will bring even more GUNS and MONEY to the U.S.A. perhaps even changing the name of America to the United States of Arabia as the U.S.A. becomes an extension of the Arab Nation:

The TERRORISTS will take over America and already are:


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