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Friday, February 27, 2015

Buy a 20¢ mining stock and move to Korea to prosper

Who do you believe?

Daniel Ameduri or Jim Rogers?

Neither one?  :-)

Legendary Investor Jim Rogers say that big changes are taking place across the world and there are opportunities now for people in the GLOBAL COMMUNITY to move abroad and pick other countries to live and prosper.  It really sounds strange to hear that it may be time to leave America and move to Asian countries for new opportunities even though the U.S. DOLLAR will remain the KING WORLD CURRENCY:



  1. Im all in on North Korea already as well as Somalia and Sudan. Anyways if you put Brazil Resources in your search engine it will take you to our last conversation about Daniel Ameduri pumping BRIZF when it was $0.83 last February 2014 and now it is $0.59 lol, good thing we didn't buy it with both hands :-) lol

  2. Follow the road to G4T with the NIA. It's a long story but many are connected....:-)....


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