Monday, December 29, 2014

SIDESHOWS stopping traffic on freeways

What can the police do?

Use a fleet of ARMORED SNOW PLOWS 

The police are real tough when it comes to individual traffic stops as they are ready to TASER people and even shoot them in various cases.  But when it comes to these SIDESHOWS I've watched them come along with a large group of squad cars and just take forever to deal with these SIDESHOWS.  These SIDESHOWS on the freeways need to be removed and here's how:

I have an idea:  Get them off the freeway with force.  Take several large snowplows abreast and wipe them off.  If you're going to have this kind of trouble then I can see the police having some nice size armored snowplows to scrape the lawless fools off the freeway: 

Put those military style armored vehicles made by Oshkosh into good use.  Or call out the airport plows to take them off.  If you don't remove yourselves from an unlawful assembly on the freeway you get plowed off.  Very simple solution: 

Also the damage incurred to your vehicle should be not covered by insurance due to criminal lawlessness.  Make them suffer complete losses:


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