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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Wall Street SELLS OFF

Analysts are uncertain of markets

Why did the markets sell today?

Even CNBC couldn't figure it out

Today I was watching the markets and CNBC in particular and the talking heads couldn't figure out why the market sold off after news of Syrian air strikes on Iraq.  Also CRUDE OIL sold off and they attributed all of the market reaction to PROFIT TAKING.  Now they are scurrying and trying to get information from various analysts as to why this price action today. 

It is the opinion of this writer that the markets are clearly driven by computers and those high speed computer algorithms.  These programs are also highly complex and fully functional to take in many pieces of information and monitor many things simultaneously.  The news even drives these algorithms and what this shows us is that price action does not necessarily follow any fundamentals of the markets anymore.  It can go either way just depending how the computer will have it so.

Therefore I rest my case that there are simply no ways to invest or trade other than enter the Wall Street Casino and place your bets.  The markets have morphed into one giant electronic casino.  Good luck traders.


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