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Thursday, June 19, 2014


Are NGC and PCGS products TAMPER PROOF?

The coin collecting and numismatic community is always attracted to the valuation of GRADED or SLABBED coins and related numismatics.  This sheds some light on how buyers need to beware of collectibles that may have been not only tampered with but also replaced.  If you have graded coins you may not actually have what you thought you had.  Perhaps these companies have not done much of a service to the numismatic community as they have now been proven to be easily tampered with.  As usual--BUYER BEWARE!

These days there have already been rising reports of counterfeit bullion (gold and silver) and now there's no telling how many coins are being replaced in these PCGS and NGC holders while the underlying actual collectible was snatched away for safe keeping.

It should be obvious to even the casual observer that PCGS and NGC do not appear to be offering products that are secure to the collector and the investor of various valuables.  Not only that but the question remains on how may counterfeits are floating around in the numismatic community.

PCGS and NGS slabbed coins have showed up as Chinese counterfeits...

Even Mike Maloney warned about American Silver Eagle counterfeits not long ago:

Lately there is a large amount of coin sales and marketing and the creation of quasi or pseudo-numismatic coins by design and also limited mintage from various companies and distributors.  Some in the numismatic community say these coins and collectibles are a scam and are warning additional buyers to be very wary of a growing number of questionable practices in the numismatic and bullion community:


PCGS has taken some recent SECURITY MEASURES...

Apparently PCGS is the leading and most advanced grading company today:


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