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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Putin moves into help Iraq

Russia to the rescue

Looks like Vladimir Putin doesn't waste time but rather he's a man of action.  By the way Putin is on God's prophetic schedule of events and Obama is not: 

Putin is gaining respect from leaders across the globe whereas the Obama administration is simply shuffling the U.S.A. toward destruction (at God's discretion and direction) and the other countries are disconnecting from America as a result.  The Muslim may have some local controversies with each other but I heard that even if they shoot each other during the day, they can somehow oddly sit down and visit each other later on and have coffee together.  Is anyone privy to this?  The mainstream media paints an entirely different picture of Muslims as if they are wild people who are in need of U.S. foreign policy intervention and advice daily.  I think there's something many people are missing about all of this.  Stay tuned...


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