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Thursday, June 26, 2014

President Obama has TOWN HALL MEETING in Minneapolis, Minnesota


Join President Barack Hussein Obama at his TOWN HALL MEETING in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  I wonder what the subject is?  Perhaps it's about the $10 per hour Pizza employees he was bragging about a few weeks ago?

Anyway join the president for this important meeting LIVE happening soon: 

I'm surprised he's running around like this doing pep rallies about his administration policies.  Why he's not in the White House Situation Room monitoring Iraq developments is a bit questionable.  But then this administration doesn't really stand out as the America it used to be. 


1 comment:

  1. Just watching this guy he really doesn't come across as a President. But since the United States Of America has morphed into an entirely different place as it exalts a transformation of culture this is actually what we have become. And it's not only him but all the other OATH OF OFFICE VIOLATORS that inhabit their positions of both representation and authority. How sad it is here in America now as we have joined forces with the New World Order. The changes have been made. And now there's no more hope for America. It's over and all it is now is personal survival time. The country is on it's way to destruction and perdition.

    Who's next for this position? Hillary Clinton? It is certain that another LAWLESS LAWMAKER will take the lead again.

    And so may God bless America.


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