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Thursday, June 26, 2014


There is a CRUDE OIL conflict

$100 or $150?

And the HIGH FREQUENCY TRADERS are involved


Big oil companies along with the Obama government are trying to pad their pockets along with the numerous Congressional insiders and high end investors as they maneuver to take over the crude oil industry and continuously manipulate production and sales figures.  I was just listening to CNBC also where many analysts are divided on the issue as some say oil is going to $120 and higher while others say traders are not worried about oil and the market may sell lower.  This is resulting in a growing amount of uncertainty as the Iraq War now includes at least 6 participating countries involved in the conflict.

For right now it looks like CRUDE OIL continues to test various levels at the $105, $106 and $107 levels in general.  One analyst who was a retired Phillips Petroleum CEO was heard saying he's expecting the price to rise to $120 and higher.  

The toxic predatory aggressive traders with their HFT ALGORITHMS are working this market all over the place at the moment.

Now we are being told that we are not really exporting CRUDE OIL.  Even the experts and analysts on CNBC were saying that we don't even hav

It is the opinion of this writer that we are soon going to see some real trouble in the Middle East as these various militants are meddled with the foreign interests and they finally get angry enough to start terrorist offensives especially here in the U.S.A.  

Listening to CNBC today I hear one analyst saying he's not sure what anything means right now with GOLD, SILVER, CRUDE OIL, the US DOLLAR as the recent market instability doesn't correlate with market fundamentals.  Could it be the HFT ALGORITHMS have created such chaos that there are simply no investments in this market casino anymore?  I think so.

(UPDATE:  I would load up on various petroleum supplies in the event of a price spike which I think is imminent.  Even extra fuel reserves should be carefully kept if necessary and you have the proper equipment to do so safely.  In addition you might want to consider stocking up on oil filters, motor oil (various grades), and any other automotive product before the prices double and triple.  We are about to see an all out war break out across the entire Middle East and surrounding countries IMHO.) 


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