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Friday, June 20, 2014

Iraq War and CRUDE OIL concerns on the table

The real concern is CRUDE OIL

$150 CRUDE likely

We already know American lawmakers support terrorists

Some say CRUDE OIL could go well above $150 on this crisis

We are awaiting new reports as concerns are rising in Iraq to affect the entire global community.  John Kerry is currently enroute to Baghdad...

What is sad is our lawmakers immediately go into legislating more taxes on we the people and have been in collusion making money with exporting our own Brent Crude Oil products.   Now we will be faced with higher gas taxes and also a new design of taxing our travel per mile in our own vehicles.

Right now it doesn't even appear that Iraq really wants us there other than to invoke Allah to destroy the Great Satan the U.S.A.   Oddly enough the destruction of America is moving right along on schedule. 

Notice that the U.S.A. is indeed exporting crude oil as reported here: 

More information will be posted here...


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