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Thursday, June 26, 2014

GoPro goes public IPO on Wall Street

GPRO up 30% on first day...

Founder and CEO sells his shares immediately

Is this setting up for a good SHORT PLAY to BK?

The Founder and CEO Nicholas Woodman rang the bell today on Wall Street and he also sold his holdings of GPRO already according to CNBC.   Is he going to short it now?   

Also CNBC analysts are saying it's a SELL already.  In reality this camera is a pile of junk and take spherical video which is skewed and incredibly dumb.  The fad won't last and it looks like a good SHORT PLAY.

The quality of GoPro video is simply like looking into a pair of binoculars from the opposite end.  If that's what you call quality video then you need your eyes checked...

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