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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

China is world's leading economic power

America is now the has been nation

More change and less hope

America is being sold out to the rest of the world.   Obama is out giving fair speeches and further handing over America through the Trans-Pacific Partnership and other invitations to foreign investment giants:



  1. This is very worrysome because as the USA weakens and China grows economically they will also expand their borders, I wouldn't want to live in South Korea, Japan, the Philipinnes or the rest of South East Asia. And look at Russia, they look like they are trying to take back all their former satellite states and their is nothing anyone can do because our banker masters have weakened us and built them strong so they can have more cash to throw on the pile.

    1. BTW looks like sell in May and go away is starting today. Silver $19.20 last time I checked

    2. Also I don't trust Pete Santilli. He's had his own little soap opera already. His old partners were Suzanne Posel and Vinny Eastwood. And they had a nasty breakup. Some people think the Pete Santilli is a FBI agent, I mean who knows really. I also heard that Pete Santilli and Adam Kokesh came out of the same base Camp Pendleton. Perhaps that is where they get there training, I don't know. My opinion Pete Santilli is worse than Alex Jones. I remember when Pete Santilli said he was going to shoot Hillary Clinton in the vagina lol. He was "investigated" and nothing happened to him. Signs of an agent provocateur to me. You can listen if you want too but you'll likely not find the answers we are all looking for.

    3. GOLD, SILVER, PLATINUM, and PALLADIUM: All look like they will remain either range bound or go lower. They will chop as usual for the insiders who trade the futures and are able to control markets and continually profit. As for owning the metals that is a losing proposition either way you look at it. That group of GOOGLE+ SILVER and COIN enthusiasts are not big enough to work the market but they are trying to make some last minute money on unsuspecting small investors before some of these bullion dealers shut their doors. Things are really about to change in the world and not for the better.

      PETE SANTILLI: I personally have no confirmation on who's who and I may share some of your suspicions. Basically it's survival time and you cannot count on any reliable information these days. The U.S.A. is no longer a safe place. But where is?

    4. I'm listening to The Alex Jones Show today because I'm waiting for Joel Skousen. I heard a commercial that Alex, Porter Stansberry, Bill Murphy, Rick Rule, T Boone Pickens and others are going to have an event May 31, 2014.

      Also Alex mentioned Anthony Gucciardi in today's broadcast to write a story, he still works at Infowars. I listened to 20 minutes of Pete Santilli sex scandal video just sounds ridiculous. What kind of person brings people to a Transvestite bar. Both of these guys are clowns.

    5. Who brought who to a transvestite bar? Many of these nuts are probably downright perverts besides. You can learn an awful lot by listening.


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