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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Watching GOLD, SILVER, and the U.S. MARKETS

Examining the GOLD and SILVER ratio

Joe and Ernie here do a very good PODCAST with some valuable information for even the average investor as they examine technical aspects of the current market action and what to expect as a result:


  1. I will say this is much better advice to follow than the pumpers from years past. Notice when Ernie asked Joe where a good place to get good info he never mentioned this site. :-)
    Your running out of time for your end of month predictions and I was all in too how am I going to pay the bills this month. :-)
    Looks like I'm going to have to follow Barnone's silver calls more closely perhaps Syyenergy7 too for more accurate silver info. :-)
    Looks like you got another long night ahead of you with the Silver Stackers Live hangout haha.

    1. Actually if the truth would really be known I'd have 10,000 views per day instantly. Have to keep a somewhat low profile.

      Silver and gold are going up. Remember my outlook was for March 2014. It's only February. Hang in there. You'll get out at $30 and people will still be buying coins above $50.

  2. What a coincidence that the ratio exploded about the time the Private Reserve began their little Banking Scam.


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