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Monday, February 24, 2014

Uganda is NOT Sodomite Friendly

Escape to Uganda 

Perhaps we the Christian terrorists will need to escape to Uganda?

There's not many of us left so it won't really be a MASS EXODUS:

This is simply more proof that The United States Of America is not only on the road to destruction but is already destroyed.   Destruction and misery are in her ways while the phrase "IN GOD WE TRUST" means absolutely nothing at all.

Notice in the report below that "The West" criticizes this action by the president of Uganda.   The West which is largely influenced by The United States of America advocates UNNATURAL AFFECTION.  This really is a serious problem.  It is beyond a mental disorder and is classified as a sin disorder.  Although that would also be met with opposition.  

We shall see the day when these activists take their case to God the judge of all the earth.  Will he give them a hearing?



1 comment:

  1. Reading the post and listening to the last few videos is pretty depressing where society is heading. Here in Moncton, thank god we are behind in the times but times are a changing. I mean its one thing to go around having sex and no one else knows but to glorify having sex on camera so everyone can watch, I couldn't imagine what the parents are going through if they ever found out.
    No one here ever shows up at the Gay Pride parade maybe 10 people or 20 people are caught watching that crap.


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