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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

And so BITCOIN is worth the PAPER it's printed on?

Print your BITCOINS for proof of ownership

BITCOINS are a real joke!

But this is the currency of the future

The media is toying with this story because they know this is a BETA TEST for the coming global MARK OF THE BEAST.  At least that's my humble opinion on the matter. :-)


1 comment:

  1. And Alex Jones is still running Bitcoin commercials while Mark Dice calls bitcoin created by the Illuminatti to roll out the cashless society and the Mark of the Beast. It took me 2 seconds to figure out bitcoin was likely created by the government, and the government pretends to come down hard on their own scheme to piss off "patriots" and "truthers" who will now embrace bitcoin thinking they are going against the government all the while these patriots and truthers are playing into the governments hands.
    And when you try to explain this to the truthers and patriots(the real sheeple), their argument is that you just don't understand how bitcoin works, o contraire mon frère, I know exactly whats going on and it is quite worrysome. I like that idea when you were on Hammering Truth on Sunday. We got to find like minded people and live in our own village or whatever cause I can see already where society is going.


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