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Friday, January 31, 2014

FAKE SNOW is being reported falling on America


THE GOVERNMENT is dropping FAKE SNOW across America? 


Many people are reporting a very curious atmospheric and meteorological phenomena resulting from what appears to be government cloud seeding and weather modification resulting in UNUSUAL SNOW or "FAKE SNOW" being reported over portions of the continental United States.  

Somehow the atmosphere is being injected from what appears to be aerial chemtrail operations seeding the atmosphere and causing abnormal condensation nuclei combining with ice crystal dendritic growth at the 700mb level of the atmosphere in areas of isentropic lift and frontogenic forcing.  This is resulting in some type of FAKE SNOW or MODIFIED SNOW being reported by several observers. 

This is never before been seen however with more people becoming "awake" to what is really going on with our government thanks to channels like barnone11970 who is helping to unite the people one person at a time we have more people who are becoming aware of our criminal government activities as they seek to destroy normal atmospheric functions and continue their unprecedented assaults on we the people.

The News UNIT and The Weather UNIT is monitoring the situation very closely and will be reporting additional findings by meteorologists and climatologists as necessary:


UPDATE:  Reports are surfacing that this FAKE SNOW may also have LIVE and EXTREMELY DANGEROUS ORGANISMS in the snow.  TAKE COVER NOW!


Some areas are not experiencing the CONTAMINATED SNOW but they are checking the snow just to be safe.  We are awaiting further information from the National Oceanic And Atmospheric Administration and perhaps some FEMA OFFICIALS regarding this hazardous snowfall contamination:


barnone11970's extensive ANALYSIS on the FAKE SNOW:

I find this to be extremely unusual as this well known TRUTHER, PATRIOT and FREEMAN Chris a.k.a. barnone11970 is debunking the FAKE SNOW reports.  This is very troubling because he is normally concerned with getting the truth out however he can neither confirm nor deny that he is making an entirely accurate report himself in the videos below.  

We are now entering a time of INCREDIBLE CHAOS where we the people are actually turning against each other instead of coming together as one people during this time of need and impending doom:

The Texas godfather reviews the phenomena:


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