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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Don Harrold sells his SILVER FORECAST services

The Day Trade Show

Yea right

This guy is someone I happened across after keeping track of the silver community propaganda over the last three years.  This is one of the strangest cats on the planet apart from the other basket of babblers that inhabit YOU TUBE with their great and swelling words of wisdom.  He calls himself the Day Trade Show and never do you hear him once cover one day trade--ever.

Now he's offering his forecast for hire on the SILVER MARKET and how you can get in or get out as needed for $2.47.  He's also been selling COPPER and other BASE METALS at incredibly inflated prices.  Is this another G4T type?  Yes, but worse--there are plenty of them that inhabit YOU TUBE.

There is some truth here though about silver if you study it closely.  You can make a lot of money on SILVER and even GOLD.  There are opportunities here:


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