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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Vatican announces changes in Catholicism

Pope Francis makes his decree

The Vatican hegemony

“All religions are true, because they are true in the hearts of all those who believe in them. What other kind of truth is there? In the past, the church has been harsh on those it deemed morally wrong or sinful. Today, we no longer judge. Like a loving father, we never condemn our children. Our church is big enough for heterosexuals and homosexuals, for the pro-life and the pro-choice! For conservatives and liberals, even communists are welcome and have joined us. We all love and worship the same God.”
--Pope Francis 

Truth is not absolute or set in stone

All religions are true and Adam and Eve are a fable

The Vatican is the FINAL AUTHORITY? :-)

The word of truth

I put a small LINK here about the word of truth at the bottom of this post because the world is not interested in it.  All that is in the world is not of God.  Nevertheless the scripture must needs be fulfilled:

Study the word of truth:


1 comment:

  1. The quotation from the Pope is quite startling. I request that all details of when and where the Pope sponk in such a manner. Please give sources.


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