Saturday, December 7, 2013


This is a big hog pile in TEXAS

G4T is down in Texas working on his YOU TUBE ADVERTISING CAMPAIGN for a Texas Hog Hunting Ranch:

It is being reported that Texas has had a long problem of feral hogs that are supposedly out of control across the state of Texas, however it's really no problem at all if landowners would just shoot the hogs.  The problem is the hogs are being controlled by wildlife conservation and revenue from licenses is being made.  So there is not a problem at all.  The government and private companies like this are just making money on the feral hogs as dumb hunters come to pay for a 5 DAY LICENSE and several hundred dollars per hunt along with lodging, etc. to shoot these hogs in what they are calling hog heaven. 

Both hunting and fishing is no longer anything but an entertainment sport across America and is becoming more and more regulated by the government while the actual natural resources are being mismanaged and destroyed for the sake of entertainment and revenue.

Watch this hog ranch owner show off his ranch for G4T who is a Californian moving to Texas.  Texas is being inundated by these California transplants and the state is really going downhill as a result:  


You can HUNT FREE in Texas

Don't fall for these HOG HUNTING RANCHES where con men are running their outfit to fleece hunters to make them pay for their hog problem.  Find places where you can actually HUNT FOR FREE and even get paid to take care of the hogs:

Would you rather HUNT FREE and even in some cased GET PAID FOR SHOOTING HOGS?  Or would you rather go to a ranch where you have ranch hands like G4T making videos and others merchandising off the hunters?



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