Tuesday, December 31, 2013

STAGE ACTORS Alex Jones and Steve Quayle

INFOWARS dishes out deceitful news

You're a FAKER Jones!

How do we know?  Your pal G4T said so. 

Guest Starring:  Steve Quayle

2014 The Year of Financial Armageddon

If you own GOLD and SILVER -- yes :-)

I haven't even listened to this but I'm 100% convinced based on past practice that this Steve Quayle is a combination of a false teacher and a false prophet in the name of being a Christian and using God and Christ for their advantage.  These people are a menacing threat that is always growing.

I just gave this report the G4T TRUTHER TEST and now all of these TRUTHERS and PATRIOTS are being found wanting.  Is the U.S. Government really all that dangerous? 

CHECK OUT THIS BLOGSPOT with additional misinformation:

These guys are old hat to me.  They used to inhabit AMATEUR RADIO and SHORTWAVE RADIO frequencies and are now on the INTERNET OF EVERYTHING promoting their falsehood...



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